1/10 oz Incuse Indian Fractional Silver Round

1/10 oz Incuse Indian Fractional Silver Round


These are 1/10 off an oz so very small with no capsule.

Wording from Golden State Mint.


Patterned after the $2.50 & $5.00 Indian Head Gold Coin Minted from 1908 to 1929, our famous .999 Fine Silver Incuse Indian round is now available in fractional ounces of silver. With uncertain economic times and silver prices on the rise, multiple denominations of bullion are highly desired. The Golden State Mint is proud to offer our fractional silver line in mint fresh 1/10 troy ounce .999 Fine Silver rounds.

Eliminate your need for Silver Junk bags! No longer do collectors and investors alike need to store those large & bulky bags of circulated coins to fulfill the need for an incremental store of value. Our 1/10 troy oz .999 Silver Incuse Indian rounds are ideal denominations for trade.

Silver bullion rounds are the perfect way to buy silver. They are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted. We offer mint fresh beautifully struck, .999 Fine Silver rounds. They are hallmark stamped with their exact weight and purity. The Golden State Mint is internationally recognized by all bullion and coin dealers, making our rounds ideal for first time buyers and seasoned investors alike.

  • Fact Sheet

    Weight: 0.10 Troy Ounce
    Composition: .999 Fine Silver
    Mint: Golden State Mint
    Collection: Incuse Indian
    Condition: Mint Fresh
    Diameter (≈): 19.2 mm
    Thickness (≈): 1.17 mm
    Edge Design: Reeded