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The round's obverse features a high relief rendering of Tut's sarcophagus, which included his ornate and immortalized death mask, complete with regal head dress and familiar plated beard. Surrounding this death mask design, concentric rings of ornate, decorative detail.

The reverse feature is that of a pyramid, surrounded by various hieroglyphic reliefs from the tomb of King Tut. Artfully placed between these various images so as not to detract from the aged and authentic feel, details of the round's metal content, weight and purity.

Monarch Precious Metals has taken pains to create this round's aged appearance, including the application of both anti-polish and antique patinas after casting, as well as a casting process that ensures no two rounds look exactly the same. Own a piece of ancient Egypt and diversify your portfolio with a ¼ oz Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian King Tut and Pyramid silver round today.

1/4 oz Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian King Tut and Pyramid Silver Round

£8.49 Regular Price
£7.99Sale Price
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