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Cryptocurrencies continue to dominate the news cycle, from celebrities and entrepreneurs tweeting about different forms to the increasing volume of activity on cryptocurrency exchanges. When it comes to the latter, Binance is the biggest name in the news as it has recently become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.


Round Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a blisterpack!
  • Tamper-evident products come with laser-etched key codes!
  • Cold Storage Wallet feature!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The obverse features the logo for Binance.
  • On the reverse is a public key code with a QR allowing access to the wallet.
  • Works with most hot wallet apps!

Each 1 oz Binance Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round is packaged inside of a blisterpack by the mint. The copper rounds storage pack comes with information on the front that highlights the benefits of a copper round, in general, and a Cold Storage Wallet, in particular. On the back of the card youll find basic information to help get your started. To use the Cold Storage Wallet feature of these copper rounds, youll need your smartphone and favorite hot wallet app.

Using the QR scanning feature on your smartphone, you can scan the public key on the rounds reverse side. From here, youll need to match that public key with the CoinID to verify the cold wallet address. Then enter your transaction amount and authorize the transaction to move your cryptocurrencies onto this round.

Cold Storage Wallets are nothing new in the world of tech, but have become increasingly popular as attempts to hack virtual wallets containing thousands or millions of dollars in cryptocurrency increase. Cold Storage Wallets allow you to move your cryptocurrency to a storage space that is not connected to the Internet and is beyond the reach of hackers.

The obverse of the 1 oz Binance Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round comes with an image of the Binance logo. Binance was founded in 2017 and is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world when judged by trading volume. Its market capitalization is in excess of $1.3 billion.

On the reverse side of Binance Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds is the public key youll need to get started using this copper round as a cold storage wallet. Unlike a hard drive or other technological forms of cold storage, copper rounds wont be damaged by flood, fire, or other destructive forces, giving you a reliable storage point for your cryptocurrency.

1 oz Binance Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round (New)

£16.95 Regular Price
£13.99Sale Price
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