1 oz Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round (New)

1 oz Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round (New)

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Bitcoin and other forms of crypto currency have never felt as real in a physical sense as they do when depicted on gold, silver, and copper rounds. The Cold Storage Wallet series of silver and copper rounds enhances the attempt at a physical version of Bitcoin with a secure form of digital storage included.


Round Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a blisterpack!
  • Tamper-evident products come with laser-etched key codes!
  • Cold Storage Wallet feature!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The obverse features the logo for Bitcoin.
  • On the reverse is a public key code with a QR allowing access to the wallet.
  • Works with most hot wallet apps!


Each of the 1 oz Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds available in this product listing come inside of sealed, secure packaging. The blistercard housing the copper round has a capsule space for the round and features a card with important details on both the Bitcoin copper round itself and the Cold Storage Wallet design for the round. As discussed, these Cold Storage Wallet rounds are usable cold storage devices. with your smartphone and preferred hot wallet app, you can start a transfer of BTC to the round by scanning the public key in the QR code on the reverse. You’ll be asked to match the Coin ID and public key to confirm your transfer.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and other forms of crypto currency have skyrocketed in popularity in the last five years. While Bitcoin has led the charge with its stunning price swings, all forms of crypto currency have gained both wider recognition and consideration with consumers. One of the fallbacks of this has been the increased loss of crypto currency in digital wallets being hacked. The new series of Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Rounds offers a solution for your crypto currency concerns with investment-grade precious metals at the heart of the design.

On the obverse of each 1 oz Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round is the popular design of the Bitcoin symbol. The symbol of Bitcoin is a capital B with two hashes struck into the letter at its top and bottom, similar to the appearance of the lines struck through the S in the symbol for the US Dollar.

The reverse field of the Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds features a unique, private keycode in a QR design. This is deeply-laser etched into the design of the round and is your direct link to a cold storage wallet. A cold storage wallet is a form of digital storage that is not connected to the internet. In this way, your crypto currency is stored on your Bitcoin copper rounds.

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the number of hacks and attempted hacks grow as well. In December 2020, the personal information of 270,000 Bitcoin users was hacked, resulting in a flood of phishing emails by scammers trying to gain access to keycodes and digital wallets. Protect yourself from these attempts with these unique Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds.