1 oz Copper Bullet .45 Caliber, New | SilverTowne

1 oz Copper Bullet .45 Caliber, New | SilverTowne


The 1 oz Copper Bullet .45 Caliber is produced in the exact size and shape of a .45 caliber round. The exact appearance of these .45 caliber copper bullets is that of a full metal jacket round. Though the bullets distinctive parts are visible, including the projectile round, shell casing, and primer at the base, the copper bullet doesnt actually come apart. Instead, it has been expertly crafted to look just like a .45 caliber round.

You wont find additional engravings on the 3D surfaces of the copper bullet, but the base near the primer of the bullet does have some engravings that identify the item. Here, you will find inscriptions of the weight, metal content, and purity as 1 oz, 999, Cu. The SilverTowne pick ax mint mark is also engraved on the base of the bullets.


All Copper Bullets have been machined and will show signs of this with small marks - this is normal.

  • Fact Sheet

    Metal Content 1 troy oz
    Metals Purity .999 Fine Copper
    Condition New
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