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With the rising popularity of crypto currencies, cold storage wallets are gaining greater notoriety as currency holders look to protect their assets from would-be thieves. As all crypto currencies are stored online in virtual wallets, assets are inherently at risk from hackers. Cold storage wallets avoid this problem by storing valuable crypto currencies offline. Blockchain Mint has an innovative new way to take advantage of cold storage wallets.


Round Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a blisterpack!
  • Tamper-evident products come with laser-etched key codes!
  • Cold Storage Wallet feature!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The obverse features the logo for Etherium.
  • On the reverse is a public key code with a QR allowing access to the wallet.
  • Works with most hot wallet apps!


A cold storage wallet is not a new technology for crypto currency holders. In fact, the term cold storage wallet merely refers to any type of device that can store digital files and be disconnected from the internet. It is the ability of a cold storage wallet to be disconnected that makes it more secure for crypto currency holders. Once digital coins are loaded, the device is unplugged and set aside, making it impossible to hack.

With all that said, the new lineup of Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds offers something entirely new for the crypto-currency enthusiast. Bearing designs on the obverse of the top forms of crypto currency, items such as these Dogecoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds combine the visual brilliance of the currencys logo, the value and durability of copper, and the privacy and security of a cold storage wallet all into one item.

In the obverse design of the 1 oz Dogecoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round, the Shiba Inu dog that serves as the logo for the currency is depicted in the center of the design field. A number of popular phrases and slogans associated with Dogecoin appear on this side of the round as well. The Shiba Inu is a medium-sized breed of hunting dog native to Japan.

The developers of Dogecoin turned to a Doge meme that was popular on the web in 2013 when the crypto currency was developed. The image of a Shiba Inu was often featured in depictions of the dog that included a Comic Sans script with the dogs internal monologue captured. Hence the inscriptions of short phrases such as Such coin, Much cash, and Ur fav investment on the obverse of the round.

For the reverse design of Dogecoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds, you will find a laser-etched QR code with a unique, private keycode that connects you a cold storage wallet. Forget external hard drives and USB flash drives that can suffer damage and result in losing your Dogecoin. This copper round is fire and water-resistant and allows you to store your crypto currency in a secure cold storage wallet.

These 1 oz Dogecoin Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds are available with a sealed blisterpack that contains colorized artwork on the reverse and details on how to use the Cold Storage Wallet QR code and keycode on the reverse. In order to take advantage of the cold storage in these copper rounds, you’ll need your smartphone and a preferred hot wallet app. Initiate a transfer using the QR reader in the app by scanning the public key code on the reverse. Match that public key with the Coin ID to verify the address, enter an amount, and authorize the transaction.


1 oz Doge Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round (New)

£16.95 Regular Price
£13.99Sale Price
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