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Product Details
Sunshine Minting has taken the beloved Silver Buffalo and created a product that combines this classic design with Sunshine's unique security feature, Mint Mark SI™, which helps authenticate the origin and .999 purity of your Silver round.

Round Highlights:
Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
The design of these rounds is based on the original coin issued by the U.S. Mint. These rounds carry no actual face value.
Obverse: A rendition of James Earle Fraser’s acclaimed “Buffalo Nickel” design of an American Indian in profile.
Reverse: Features an American buffalo, which is a visual representation of the bison named Black Diamond, along with the mint mark SI™ feature, weight and purity.
Guaranteed by Sunshine Minting.

Authenticate your new Sunshine Minting Silver rounds with the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens!

When viewed through Sunshine Minting's special decoder lens at the same angle shown in the image above (with card held flush to your Silver round), the central design shows the word "Valid," but when you turn the decoder lens ninety degrees, a sunburst appears. These two different views further verify your 1 oz Silver round.

You can rest assured knowing you are getting the highest quality products possible produced by Sunshine Minting with the Mint Mark SI™ feature. Add 1 oz Sunshine Buffalo Silver Rounds to your cart today!

1 oz Silver Round - Buffalo (Mint Mark SI™) Apmex

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