Thalassa Silver Round Obverse Design
The front side of the round depicts Thalassa, the goddess of the sea who begat Aphrodite (among other gods) as well as populating the sea with all of the types of fish we know today.

As per tradition, she is shown partially submerged in the ocean and surrounded by crashing waves and aquatic life. However, this version of Thalassa has a modern twist, replacing the menacing figure of classical mythology with an attractive beauty. Her bikini top and crown are made of seashells while she holds a trident (three-pronged spear) in her hand.

The inscription "THALASSA" curls along the rim to the left, while the year-date is placed to the right of the goddess.

Thalassa Silver Round Reverse Design
On the back side of the round, the design is filled with a wave-and-seashell motif that surrounds the company logo, a trident spear in front of a diamond-shaped background. "TRIDENT SILVER" appears at the bottom of the design, while the top rim bears the round's weight and purity specifications, "1 OZ .999 FINE SILVER."

With a design that deftly combines mythological fantasy with artistic realism, the brand new Thalassa 1 oz Trident Silver Round continues the Trident Silver mission of providing beautiful, artistic silver bullion

1 oz Trident Silver Round - Thalassa (.999 Fine) - Mason Mint