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Sekhmet is shown in her human form in the obverse field of the 2 oz Silver Antique Sekhmet Round. This visual shows her figure as she is seated near a small fire. The sickle behind her back has drops of blood falling from its blade. The symbol of the coiled snake above her head is known as the Uraeus and was popular in Ancient Egyptian symbolism. Sekhmets figure on this side takes the form of a female body with the head of a lioness. There are no text inscriptions on this field, though you will notice two sets of hieroglyphs in the lower-left. The bottom set of the two is the name of Sekhmet in Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Another depiction of Sekhmet is found on the reverse side of 2 oz Silver Antique Sekhmet Rounds. This time, however, she takes on her full animal form with the body of a cat. As the protector of the pharaohs, the cat is shown sitting on the top of a sarcophagus that holds the body of a departed pharaoh. Inscriptions on this face are found in the lower rim of the design field with hieroglyph-like text of 2 oz, 999, and Ag.


Sekhmet was known to most Ancient Egyptians as the daughter of the famed sun god, Ra. Though she is closely associated with the armies of the pharaohs as a warrior goddess, and as the protector of the pharaohs in the afterlife, she was also viewed as a goddess responsible for bringing about plagues.

2 oz Silver Antique Egyptian Gods Sekhmet Round Ultra High Relief