2009 1oz English Rose Bullion Coin Birmingham Mint

2009 1oz English Rose Bullion Coin Birmingham Mint


B grade bullion may show signs of tarnish age but not however in   good condition - with fresh capsule.


Minted in Birmingham UK


Not many of the 2009 are about and the coin history has conflicting stories. 



Product Details 1

The English Rose as a British bullion silver round was firstly issued in 2009. These silver rounds depict a solely rose, which is the favorite flower of Her Majesty.


Product Details 2

The rose symbol on these rounds is in reference to the War of the Roses, a 30-year sporadic conflict between the houses of Lancaster and York. These

 house's heraldic symbols were the red and the white roses respectively. From 1455 to 1485, these houses fought for control of the throne of England

 which was had been left to the infant Henry VI when Henry V died in 1422.
This turbulent period in British history is marked with civil war, conspiracies and assassinations. The ultimate victor was Henry Tudor from Lancaster who

 defeated Richard III and married Elizabeth of York in order to unite the two houses and put an end to the conflict. The House of Tudor ruled England and

 Wales for the next 117 years. 

The English Rose 1 oz silver round 2009 weighs one troy ounce or 31.10 grams of high purity 99.90% or 999/1000 fineness

  • Fact Sheet

    Year 2009
    Value 1 oz Silver (1)
    Composition Silver (.999)
    Weight 31.10 g
    Diameter 37 mm
    Thickness 3 mm
    Shape Round
    Demonetized Yes

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