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This is ur own design and the non precious metal version has been on sale since 2019 and has been very popular.


The non precious metal version can be found here.



We originally ordered the .925 silver version and sold them through a small private silver group.


The rest of the stock was kept for a commerative event and we are releasing them now to  commemorate the Queen`s Jubilee. 


Our copywritten image has become very popular (queens head in hands) and these look great.


We will be sending each Brexit .925 silver with a display stand and original COA from 2019.


This release always starts conversations and brings a touch of humour to any room.



Please Note - As this release is made from .925 sterling silver there may be natural ageing process visable and small minting marks from production.

However they are generally in very good condition.


2022 Queens Jubilee 2019 Brexit Coin 50p themed Brexit Coin.925 Silver

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