With most of our planet covered in water, it’s no surprise that 100’s of years ago, the oceans were believed to be filled with many mysterious creatures, mermaids and serpents being the most popular in folklore.  Mermaids are of course the marine version of the half-human, half-animal that have captured the imagination of the ages, and appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide.

The first mention of mermaids appeared in Assyria, part of the Mesopotamian kingdom (circa 2500BC to 600BC).  The goddess Atargatis transformed herself into a mermaid out of shame for accidentally killing her human lover.

During medieval times, the reality of the mermaid was assumed and they were depicted matter-of-factly alongside known aquatic animals such as whales. Hundreds of years ago, sailors and residents in coastal villages around the world all had stories of encountering sea maidens.  One such story told of a mermaid who entered Holland through a hole in a dike, injuring herself in the process.  She was taken to a lake and nursed back to health.  She learned to speak Dutch, became a productive member of society and eventually, converted to Catholicism.

Mermaids may have ancient roots, but they are still all around us in many forms;  their images can be found in films, books, movies, and even at Starbucks!

  • Contains 1 oz. Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: The detailed underwater depiction of a Mermaid, centered, with two additional Mermaids to the left and right, with a shipwreck in the background, and a bed of skulls and ship parts in the foreground.  “THE MERMAID,” across the top circumference.
  • Reverse: Intaglio Mint logo set on radial burst surrounded by stippled border reading “ONE TROY OUNCE” above and “.999 FINE SILVER” below on textured background, flanked by mintage year in roman numerals “MMXX”.
  • Fact Sheet

    Silver Content  1 oz

    Series  Cryptozoo

    With Capsule 

    COA No