2021 The Awakening: Infinity 5 oz Silver Round

2021 The Awakening: Infinity 5 oz Silver Round

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This brand new 5 oz high relief silver round series, The Awakening is breaking on the scene at a very timely period in world history. The Awakening series is introduced as presenting various “themes and concepts that directly target the corruption and thievery being conducted by Governments, Financial Institutions, and Deep State Organizations that repeatedly strip the common man of true individual liberty” BOLD is very pleased with this inaugural release, The Awakening 2021 Infinity 5oz Silver Round. We can’t hardly wait to see how this new series develops!


The obverse introduces the featured theme of this inaugural release, Infinity. The iconic image of a snake consuming its own tail is presented in the shape of the mathematical symbol for infinity. The background is actually highly significant to the theme as well. The design depicts the elements found on a US paper dollar. The decorative frame, which normally features a previous president’s portrait is prominently depicted, yet without a president’s portrait. In its place is the word, “INFINITY”, arched at the top. Also within the dollar bill image is the designation “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Below the snake’s infinity image is displayed the abbreviation, “QE”, which stands for “Quantitative Easing” (see note below regarding QE economic concepts.)

The reverse will be common to the series, featuring a very intriguing and enlightening design. The Awakening begins with a large image of an eye opening, symbolic of “the collective public awakening to evil and corruption”. You will recognize the design being based on the elements of the Eye of the Pyramid of the US Dollar bill. The stone base of the pyramid is separated from the eye. Filling that gap is the Latin inscription, “MDCCLXXV” (1776) – year of the Second Continental Congress, declaring independence from Great Britain. A banner inscribed with “ANNUIT COEPTIS” is draped over the base stones. These elements were inspired by the original US Seal in 1776. Also inscribed on the stones are the specs, “.9999 FINE SILVER 5 TROY OZ. and the 2021 year of release. Further inscriptions encircling the rim include, “THE AWAKENING” at the top, and “YOU CAN’T WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP” at the bottom.

  • Fact Sheet

    • The Awakening 2021 Infinity 5oz Silver Round.
    • Inaugural release in new high relief 5 oz silver round series – The Awakening.
    • Contains 5 troy ounces of .9999 fine silver.
    • Limited to only 2,000 minted!
    • Each round is individually edge-numbered.
    • The obverse introduces the Infinity theme, depicting a snake coined into an infinity shape, eating its own tail. The background design depicts the key elements found on a US paper dollar. The frame that normally displays a previous president’s portrait is blank, replaced by the inscription, “INFINITY.” Also displayed is “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Below the snake’s image is the abbreviation QB, which stands for Quantitative Easing.
    • Individual rounds come in mint-capsule.