TtAUi71teowbCp41 5 oz. Aztec Calendar round copper. .999 fine copper. |

5 oz. Aztec Calendar round copper. .999 fine copper.

Copper Bullion is a nice cost effective addition to your stack.

The detail on these are fantastic.

5 oz .999 Copper Round - Aztec Calendar 


Obverse: Depicts the famous Aztec Calendar stone. The design is in a circular shape resembling a sun, with rays emanating outward. In the centre is the face of the Aztec solar deity, Tonatiuh, which gives the monolith its alternate name the Sun Stone.
Reverse: depicts the striking left portrait of Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec Emperor of Tenochtitlan. The name Cuauhtemoc means "Descending Eagle," as in the moment when an eagle folds its wings and plummets down to strike its prey. He wears the traditional headdress and ear ornaments of the Aztec elite, and is surrounded by an Aztec border as well as the inscriptions of his name and the metal content, weight, and purity.
As these are made of copper some markings/tonings will exist as from the mint.  Beautiful large rounds.
Made in the U.S.A.
Composition:      .999 Fine Copper
Copper Content: 5 AVDP Ounces
Diameter:             63 mm


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    .999 Fine Copper

    5 Troy Oz