Perth Mint 1 oz silver BEAR & BULL 2020 Australia $1

Perth Mint 1 oz silver BEAR & BULL 2020 Australia $1

The obverse of the Bull and Bear coin showcases Jody Clark’s iconic profile of Queen Elizabeth II, seen here wearing elegant jewelry and royal crown. The coin’s purity, weight, denomination, and the year of mintage appear on the obverse as well. 

The reverse of this exclusive silver coin features a detailed rendering of a bull and bear locked in combat, horns and claws ready to attack. These two animals have been used to represent the highs and lows in the market for so long that historians debate where the tradition began. The Perth Mint “P” mintmark is etched next to the bull’s front-left hoof, denoting the coin's origin. Additionally, a micro-engraved letter is inscribed within the design as an added security feature.

  • Fact Sheet

    Legal tender $1
    Year 2020
    Capsule Yes
    Mintage 25 000
    Minimum metal content ( gr ) 31.15
    Diameter ( mm ) 40.60
    Condition BU
£33.99 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price