TtAUi71teowbCp41 Samurai Silver Bar 1 oz .999 Fine Golden State Mint |

Samurai Silver Bar 1 oz .999 Fine Golden State Mint

The Samurai is one of the most important symbols not only from Japan, but from universal history. A Samurai represents that a true warrior must defend ideas like loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor. This is called Bushido, the 8 codes of honor and ideals that a Samurai follows.

The meaning of the word Samurai is “ones who serve”. A bar of silver is a respectable canvas to mint the art of a Samurai. At Golden State Mint, we strive to be honorable as well in the quality of our silver bars and all of our products.

This bar of silver features a standing Samurai in a defensive position wearing a full armor including the well-known Samurai mask used for protecting the face and to strike terror into enemies. This armor is called Karuta (karuta-gane) from the Portuguese word for “card” because of the rectangle card-shaped pieces of the armor. Samurai for a time used gold and silver bars as currency, a bar of silver was called Shu-Gin

  • Fact Sheet

    Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
    Composition: .999 Fine Silver
    Mint: Golden State Mint
    Condition: Mint Fresh
    Diameter (≈): 50.11 mm x 29.31 mm | 1.973" x 1.154"
    Thickness (≈): 2.44 mm | 0.097"
    Edge Design: Smooth