Trump 2020 Proof Silver Round Silver Shield 1 oz .999 Fine Box COA

Trump 2020 Proof Silver Round Silver Shield 1 oz .999 Fine Box COA


(Info from Golden State Mint Page) and certainly not current.

COA will vary.


The iconic Silver Shield design is back with a new spin with Trump 2020.

No other coin design captures the visceral momentum behind Trump 2020.

Trump will drain the swamp.
Trump will Make Silver Money Again.
Trump will payoff the debt.
Trump will audit the Fed.
Trump will audit the gold in Fort Knox.
Trump will endorse #REPEAL1913
End the Fed.
Bring home the troops.
End the Income Tax.

Like President Andrew Jackson, Trump will cast off the Den of Thieves that has hijacked America from its divine destiny.
This is a land of freedom and we should be building shinning cities on the hills.
Anything short of that miracle... and America will not survive any other way.

And if Trump doesn’t win… And Biden and Bernie come in to power with their taxes and inflation…
You will have real valuable silver to protect you as the world burns.


    Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
    Composition: .999 Fine Silver
    Mint: Golden State Mint
    Collection: Silver Shield
    Condition: Proof
    Diameter (≈): 39.3 mm | 1.55"
    Thickness (≈): 3.2 mm | 0.125"
    Edge Design: Reeded
    Year: 2020

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