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More than a decade after the first crypto currency was released, digital currencies continue to grow in popularity. As more consumers look to crypto currencies for a decentralized form of currency, hackers continue to target virtual wallets for a quick score of someone elses cash. Cold Storage Wallets are an excellent defense against hackers and you can now find that technology integrated into all-new gold, silver, and copper rounds


Round Highlights:

  • Arrives inside of a blisterpack!
  • Tamper-evident products come with laser-etched key codes!
  • Cold Storage Wallet feature!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • The obverse features the logo for Etherium.
  • On the reverse is a public key code with a QR allowing access to the wallet.
  • Works with most hot wallet apps!


Like many other forms of crypto currency, Ethereum is a decentralized virtual currency that is created in an open-source blockchain. Unlike other forms of crypto currency, Ethereum is both a distinctive platform in and of itself, and a virtual currency. The tokens issued by Ethereum are known as Ether. The platform can also be used for the production and operation of mobile applications. Ethereum is among the newer, major forms of crypto currency, having been introduced in July 2015.

All of these 1 oz Ethereum Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds are available to you brand-new from the mint. Each one is housed inside of its own blistercard with a holographic film over the round. The card offers details on the benefits of copper and the benefits of the Cold Storage Wallet design. To use the cold storage feature, launch your preferred hot wallet app on your smartphone. Use its QR reader to start a transfer and scan the public key QR code on the reverse of the round. You’ll be asked to verify the Coin ID and public key during the transfer for security purposes. Then authorize the transfer and you’re set.

Unlike a hard drive or virtual wallet, a Cold Storage Wallet is unhackable via the web. Typical cold storage wallets are separate hard drives that store digital files, and in this case digital currency, offline where hackers cannot access it. These Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds turn your investment-grade copper round into a secure virtual wallet with a private keycode and QR scan code that lets you upload and access crypto currency in that wallet.

For the obverse design of 1 oz Ethereum Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds, the mint features the popular Ethereum design. The crypto currency symbol is featured at the center of the field and set against a backdrop that mimics the appearance of a microchip network. The field is surrounded by a ring of binary code.

In the reverse design of Ethereum Cold Storage Wallet Copper Rounds, you will find the QR scan code. This QR code has been laser-etched deep into the surface of the copper round. This is your access point to a cold storage wallet capable of holding crypto currency offline away from the reach of hackers.



1 oz Etherium Cold Storage Wallet Copper Round (New)

£16.95 Regular Price
£13.99Sale Price
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