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The origin of the American jackalope, the namesake for this silver round, is attributed to Douglas Herrick of Douglas, Wyoming. Herrick came up with the idea when him and his brother returned from a jackrabbit hunting trip in 1932, when Herrick threw a dead rabbit into their taxidermy shop and it came to rest next to a pair of antlers. This incidental pairing caused Herrick to come up with the idea for a Jackalope. The brothers created stuffed jackalopes using rabbit carcasses and sold them. The first jackalope was sold for $10. The jackalope has become a prominent local attraction in Douglas, where tourists may receive Jackalope Hunting Licenses from the Chamber of Commerce. There is an 8-foot statue of a jackalope in the middle of the town of Douglas, and in early June the town hosts the annual Jackalope Days Celebration.

1 oz Jackalope Cryptozoology Silver Round .999 Fine Silver High Relief

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