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Inspired by the American Peace Dollar, the 1 oz Silver Peace Dollar Design Round carries the same imagery but not the same denomination as the original US coin. The Peace Dollar Design Silver Round does not carry a face value. Silver rounds are generally sold for a lower premium over spot compared to government issued coins, making them a popular choice for any collector's portfolio. Please note this is not an official government issue coin. It is a privately minted silver round containing one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

The design, originally intended for the 1921 Peace Dollar, was the result of a competition to create an image indicative of peace. The winner, Anthony De Francisci, illustrated a stylized drawing of his wife, Teresa, depicted as Lady Liberty. With the conclusion of World War I, the coin was a commemorative piece of a time of resolution and calm.

1 oz Silver Round | Peace Dollar Tribute (.999 Pure)

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