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These superb 1 oz Trident Silver Rounds are the perfect way to start adding some serious weight to your precious metals holdings. These .999 fine silver rounds are intricately designed and priced to sell fast.

The front of these .999 fine silver rounds contains a depiction of the Greek god of the ocean, Neptune. Clutching his mythical and all powerful trident while stoically looking away, Neptune is masterfully depicted against a stylish background of abstractly designed waves. The purity of this artistic silver round, ".999 Fine Silver," is engraved along the upper segment of the edge. The weight of this prepossessing silver round, "1oz", is embossed into the left field next to the three prongs of Neptune's mighty trident.

The back of this epic silver round depicts Neptune's menacing trident cutting through the waves that fill the background. The weight and purity specifications of this stunning silver round, "1 Troy oz .999 Fine Silver," is inscribed along the left rim, while the website of the rounds maker, "" is struck along the right portion of the rim.

1 oz Trident Silver Round (.999 Fine)

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