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These are TWO troy ounce .999 fine silver rounds from Intaglio Mint.  This Mint Club #1 is the first of the series which will all be 50mm large rounds and is very limited to 500.  Pictures are typical of round you will receive.


As these are imported there is no Intaglio Club membership associated with this round however is the very limited rounds of only 500.


Will send in a fresh capsule. 


The scene depicted is from Illustration XII, Book I of “A Collection of Emblems,” by George Wither.  The Illustration was titled “As, to the World I naked came, So, naked-stript I leave the same.”  The book was both written and illustrated by the author in 1635.

Contains: 2 oz. Troy .999 Fine Silver
Obverse: Mountains in the distance, with a tranquil sea and island at center, flanked by two sail boats.  The shore in the foreground scattered with worldly belongings, and a naked man ascending to the heavens, clouds behind, sun and moon on either side.
Reverse: An eagle with wings spread  centered with a crown above and holding a flowing ribbon with the talons on a circular background of a diamond pattern.  “500 Total Mintage” below eagle. LIMITED MINTAGE ™ across the top circumference, and MINT CLUB ™ across the bottom circumference.
“TOTAL MINTAGE 500” on the upper rounded dentil circumference, and hallmark text “TWO TROY OUNCES .999 FINE SILVER” on the lower rounded dentil circumference.

2 oz. MINT CLUB #1 Limited Edition 500 - 50mm BU rounds .999 fine silver

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